Chili Sauce with Papaya

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Total time: 45 min



Rinse the chilies, cut them in half and neatly remove the seeds and septums. Cut the papaya pulp into pieces.

Put the pulp of the chilies with the peeled garlic cloves and the salt in a mortar form and grind coarsely.

Add the papaya cut into pieces and grind finely with the chili garlic mixture. Add the freshly grated ginger, turmeric powder and diced onion and mix well. Add the lime juice to a puree form and let it boil. Bring to a simmer for two to three minutes, then cool.

(*) In the French Antilles (Martinique and Guadeloupe), this sauce is made with the local ‘piments-lampion’, a type of chili related to the Mexican ‘habaneros’, which can be substituted for them in this recipe. The sauce is spicy but highly aromatic, especially when combined with enough lime juice, which brings out the flavor of the chilies exceptionally well. The papayas, on the other hand, tone down the spiciness of the chilies a bit and make the sauce – similar to guacamole – an ideal dip for vegetables or fresh baguette.

This sauce harmonizes just as well with poached or grilled fish or steak.

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