Dotsch – Bavaria

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Total time: 45 min




Remove the peel from the potatoes, grate, drain well. Add flour, sour milk, salt, eggs to the potato dough form, mix. From the dough roast four “Reiberdatschi”.

Put one dachi in an ovenproof dish. Spread herb butter, Chinese cabbage leaves and sauteed onion evenly on it. Cover with one Reiberdatschi. On top about 1 cm thick spinach and repeat a Reiberdatschi form. Place 1 cm thick cooked ham, whole or sliced, and repeat a Reiberdatschi on top. On top grate a thick layer of cheese.

Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about twenty minutes, keeping the lid closed for the first ten minutes.

Tip: Instead of Reiberdatschi, pancakes can also be used for this dish.

Our tip: As an alternative to fresh herbs, you can also use frozen ones – these are also characterized by a fresh taste!

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