Black Salsify Soup – After Odette

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Total time: 30 min


At will:


Scrape the salsify and immediately put them in strongly lemon-infused salted water to keep them white. Cut them into small pieces. Boil them together with bones, a piece of beef, or whatever you have on hand.

With butter, flour and this bone broth you make a creamy flowing roux, which becomes quite round with enough white wine, juice of a lemon, white pepper, a little bit of whipped cream and etluchen strokes of nutmeg.

Then put in the pieces of salsify and let them sit on the edge of the stove for a while. Do not keep it too thick, please! You can sprinkle a little bit of cooked ham in the cups, you can float a small medallion of toasted white bread on it, which you season lightly with port wine, pepper and chopped parsley. You can also drizzle the cup on top with juice of a lemon and sprinkle a trace of pepper.

Black salsify soup can also be changed many times:

Preparation Tip:

Black salsify soup tastes great with hearty farmhouse bread!

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