Nougat Cubes

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 50.0 (servings)



Resting time: 12 hours

Cut the marzipan into small pieces and knead together with the powdered sugar and the ginger jelly. Cut the nougat (you can use layered nougat to vary the taste) into 50 cubes. Roll out the marzipan between cling film 2 mm thin and cut into 100 squares the size of the nougat cubes. Cover the top and bottom of the nougat cubes with 1 marzipan slice each. Cut the pistachios in half lengthwise. Melt the cooking chocolate in a bain-marie and cool a little more. Place the nougat cubes on a fork, dip them into the cooking chocolate, which is no longer completely liquid, and dry them on parchment paper. Place each ½ pistachio on top of the cooking chocolate while it is still wet.

Set the chocolates in 12 hours.

Tip: Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Depending, use whichever you like better.

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