Herbed Country Chicken Breast on Vegetable Gnocchi

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)


For the gnocchi:


Wash, boil and peel the potatoes, press them through a potato press while still warm and mix them with the egg yolks, butter, salt, nutmeg and the starch flour to form a dough. Turn the dough into gnocchi and cook in salted water until they float just before serving. Season the chicken breasts, sprinkle with the herbs, heat the oil in a pan, sear on the meat side, turn over and continue searing on the skin, put in the oven and finish cooking for 12 min at 200 °C. For the vegetable gnocchi, melt the butter in the pan, sauté the vegetables in it, pour in the vegetable stock, season to taste and mix with the gnocchi. Cut the chicken breast and serve with the summer vegetable gnocchi.

Preparation Tip:

Process poultry as soon as possible, the optimum storage temperature is 0-4°C.

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