Germ Dumplings – Austrian Style

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Total time: 45 min



Milk, as needed – preferably as solid as possible Yield: For serving

Prepare the yeast with milk and a little sugar to a steam. Rise and prepare all ingredients to a firm dough. This must be silky smooth and bubble when beaten. Rest briefly. Form a roll and divide into seamless dumplings. Flatten these, fill with the plum jam, close well and place seam side down on a floured board. Rise one-third higher. Put the dumplings in boiling salted water, cook for 5 to 6 minutes with the lid closed, turn to the other side, prick each dumpling a few times with a needle and cook again for 5 minutes with the lid open. The dumplings are cooked when one needle prick remains dry.

Lift out the dumplings, baste with brown butter and sprinkle with sugared ground poppy seeds. Serve immediately.

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