Ice Cream Cake – Grandma’s Recipe

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Total time: 45 min



A cake recipe for all foodies:

– up to half more

Beat vanillin, sugar, butter and eggs until thick and creamy. Add flour and enough water to make a fairly liquid batter. (Like pancake dough, rather more liquid.) Form wafer-thin into the Eiserkucheneisen, bake until golden brown and immediately roll into sackln. If during the long baking the flour swells and the dough becomes firmer, add water. Tip: Do not use milk, otherwise the ice cream cakes will not be crispy!

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Xx> I am looking for a recipe for very crispy waffles. They should be

Xx> What is the principle of getting a pastry so crispy

Xx> to get and flat not pancake-like from the waffle iron

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