Mussel Skewers

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Total time: 30 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



For the mussel skewers, first wash and finely chop the parsley. Wash the mussels. Carefully clean the mushrooms with a brush and cut off the stems. Squeeze the lemon.

Make a broth with white wine, olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Add mussels and simmer with lid on for about 3-5 minutes until mussels open. Lift out mussels and discard any that have not opened. Allow the remaining mussels to cool and remove the mussel meat from the shell.

Put a pot of water on to boil and blanch the garlic cloves with their skins in it.

Heat the butter in a pan and fry the mushroom heads in it. Sprinkle with lemon juice.

On skewers, alternate mussels, mushrooms, clams and garlic cloves. Grill the mussel skewers for about 4 minutes, turning them over and over.

Preparation Tip:

The mussels for the mussel skewers can also be breaded before grilling. If you like, you can also put a scallop on each skewer.

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