Fish So Healthy It Really Is I

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Good news from the fish- a new study found it is now nearly free of contaminants.


New findings: It contains lots of high-quality, easily digestible egg white. 200 g covers daily needs Plus points: More niacin than in other fish. Important for the nervous system.

Minuses: Farmed salmon can be very fatty and contaminated with pesticides and antibiotics.

Verdict: Norwegian fjord salmon – unfortunately expensive – is considered the least contaminated with pollutants.


New findings: According to recent studies, redfish is completely free of harmful pollutants (mercury, cadmium).

Plus points: Lots of potassium (muscle function). One redfish meal provides 1/3 of the daily requirement.

Minus points: Stiftung Warentest tested deep-frozen fish: redfish tasted trany.

Verdict: The fish that roasts best of all because its flesh is very firm.


New findings: It has more fat than other fish (14g/100g). But fish fat is healthy fat that even lowers high blood lipids.

Pluses: Contains a lot of selenium. Selenium strengthens the immune system and has been shown to protect against infections.

Minuses: Has even more calories than salmon, between 205 and 220 each 100 g of fish meat.

Verdict: Two herring meals per week are recommended by doctors for high blood pressure- only for those of normal weight.


New findings: of all freshwater fish, according to new studies, farmed trout are the “sa

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