Chicken Breast Medallions on Paprika Vegetables

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



A delicious mushroom dish for any occasion!

Make potatoes, remove the peel, press through a press, mix well with egg yolk, potato starch, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg, form small dumplings and cook in light salted water and then drain well.

Peel the onion and cut it into leaves. Clean the young onion and cut into rolls. Pluck sage leaves. Cut peppers in half, remove seeds and cut into eighths. Rub shiitake well with kitchen paper, cut in half. Clean arugula leaves. Cut chicken breast into narrow diagonal slices and season with pepper.

Fry meat in a little hot clarified butter on both sides until golden, add sage leaves, place meat on sage, lower temperature to flavor and season with salt. Sauté shiitake briefly.

Sauté onions, spring onions in a little rapeseed oil, add peppers, add pine nuts, pour tomato juice, season with salt and pepper, simmer slightly. Fry potato dumplings in a little hot clarified butter until golden brown all over.


Arrange bell bell pepper vegetables on a plate, spread chicken medallions evenly over them, top with shiitake mushrooms and garnish with arugula.

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