Grillage Cake

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Total time: 45 min

For the grillage:

For the grillage molds:

For the cake:


Grillage: Sugar is roasted yellow on the fire, then mixed with peeled, grated almond kernels. Let the grillage cool on a buttered board and then pound it finely in a mortar.

Gradually add the yolks to the butter and sugar (1), stir for 1/2 to 3/4 hour, mix the crushed grillage with the beaten egg white and lightly add the flour.

Pour the mixture into a greased, floured cake pan and bake it very leisurely for 1 hour.

After cooling, the cake is cut horizontally, filled with stiff, sugared (2) whipped cream and, after assembling the two halves of the cake, really spread with whipped cream from the outside, which is sprinkled with crushed grillage. Finally, the cake is decorated with nuts (= black nuts) and small grillage molds filled with whipped cream.

To make grillage molds, prepare grillage from fine sugar and peeled, grated almond kernels in the above way at the beginning. While still hot, roll it out thinly on a buttered board with a buttered rolling pin, then either press it into small greased molds or otherwise shape it by hand.

Have fun with this fine cake!

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