Fish Fritters

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Total time: 45 min



For the fish fritters, cut (mix) the well chilled fish fillet with cold cream, salt, pepper and some dill in a food processor. Now add the rest of the dill and season again.

Place a sheet of cling film on top, place a pancake on top and spread the fish farce on top. Roll up the pancake and roll it up in the foil to a tight roll. Close tightly at both ends with a knot in the foil. Prepare second pancake in the same way.

Place in hot, but not boiling, salted water and let stand for about 15-20 minutes or cook in steamer at 90°C.

Then take out, unwrap from foil and cut into slices. Serve the fish fritters in hot soup.VariationsEven more refined tastes this soup insert, if you mix under the farce still (small cut) crab tails or shrimps.These pancakes also taste excellent as a small snack or appetizer. Simply double the quantity and serve the pancakes on a salad or vegetable ragout and garnish with fish sauce and diced tomatoes.

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