Octopus on Mediterranean Potato Salad

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


Potato salad:



Trick: The octopus becomes softer when cooked with the stubble.

1. parry octopus, that is: divide into individual arms and remove the middle. Rinse the cooled arms and drain them.

Sauté vegetables in butter-oil mixture, deglaze with Noilly Prat and wine, pour in octopus arms and fill with enough water to just cover them.

3. add spices, thyme and juice of one lemon, bubble once with stubble and simmer at moderate temperature until arms are nice and soft (about 1/2 hour).

4. cut octopus into slices and set aside.

5. peel cooked potatoes, cut into slices and place in a large enough bowl with a little hot clear soup, seasoned with salt, pepper and white balsamic vinegar, form with sautéed shallots.

Add dried tomato and olive cubes. Mix gently with the finest olive oil.

7. cut ready-to-cook artichoke hearts into slices and roast them leisurely in olive oil, season with salt, season with pepper, add a tiny bit of juice of a lemon. Drain in a sieve, dry with absorbent paper, add to the potatoes form and toss lightly.

Add tomato fillets and celery slices. Pull everything together.

9. arrange potato salad on oval plate.

10. fry octopus slices briefly in olive oil, place on top, garnish with remaining tomato fillets and celery leaves.

Tip: Cook only m

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