Braised Rabbit and Goat Cheese Thaler From the Stove

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


Goat Cheese Thaler From The Oven:


Portion the rabbit as follows: First remove the fat as well as the giblets from the abdominal cavity, then separate the legs and leaves (forelegs) from the rump. Cut the belly flaps from the ribs, carefully separate the fillets from the back and remove the skins. Carve the skeleton into three to four pieces.

Cut tomatoes into pieces, remove the stem end. Peel and quarter the shallots and garlic. Heat clarified butter and olive oil in a casserole and brown the lightly salted and peppered runs, legs and bones until golden brown. Roll the belly flaps into a small roulade with a sprig of rosemary, secure with a wooden stick and sear as well. To start, sear the fillets briefly in a separate frying pan until golden brown in clarified butter and olive oil. Since they only have a short cooking time, they are only added to the casserole at the end.

Add olives, tomatoes, shallots and garlic cloves and pour white wine and chicken soup over the whole. Add the fresh herbs, close the pot and cook the rabbit over medium heat for an hour. The rabbit is cooked when the meat can be easily separated from the bone.

Remove the carcasses from the broth and season the sauce with pepper, salt and a tiny bit of juice from a lemon. Add the pine nuts and the fillets to the casserole and simmer for ten minutes on low heat. Eventue

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